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Tucan Amazon Lodge
Lago do Acajatuba
Iranduba - AM - Brazil

About Tucan Amazon Lodge

Tucan Amazon Lodge was founded in 2012 through a collaboration between Knut André Fiddan and Alan Kardec, who reached an agreement with Flavio Siqueira and Cecilia Cordeiro. The initial idea was conceived at a simple lodge where Flavio and Cecilia resided. Knut André, with 20 years of experience in tourism in Brazil, and Alan, an experienced jungle guide, formed a strong team.

Flavio, known for his local expertise, previous work as a boatman, and experience at the legendary Ariaú Jungle Tower, along with Cecilia, with a background as a kitchen assistant and camareira at Ariaú, contributed to laying the foundations for success. The location along the shores of Acajatuba Lake was ideal.

Over the years, the collaboration evolved, and now Flavio and Cecilia are the proud owners of Tucan. Alan is responsible for transportation to and from Manaus, while Knut André, who resides mostly in Norway, handles bookings and also manages TreeTop Fiddan, a business offering rustic treetop cabin rentals in the Norwegian wilderness. Renata, Cecilia’s daughter, serves as the operations manager at the lodge and oversees finances.