Gallery - Tucan Amazon Lodge

Welcome to the enchanting universe of Tucan Amazon Lodge! Our gallery captures the beauty of the lodge, from the welcoming atmosphere of rustic chalets to the authenticity of local Amazonian cuisine.

Explore images of the included tours in our jungle programs, from the majestic Samaúma to piranha fishing, swimming with pink dolphins, nighttime safaris in search of caimans, jungle walks, and breathtaking sunsets over the Rio Negro river. Each photo tells a unique story.

Witness cultural interactions with indigenous tribes, learn to craft with palm leaves, feel the strength of the pirarucu fish, and relax on stunning beaches. Our gallery also records intimate moments with wildlife, from feeding monkeys to encounters with sloths and incredible insects.

Refresh in the waters of the Amazon, discover the açaí harvest, and experience living in a floating house. The Amazon is a marvel of diversity, and our gallery provides just a glimpse of what our guests can expect.

We encourage our guests to share their moments by sending us their best photos, ensuring an authentic gallery and a realistic insight into the experience we offer.


Picture gallery - Amazon jungle excursions

Tucan Amazon Lodge - Dry season

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