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Explore essential information about lodging in the Amazon jungle, addressing some of the main questions

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We welcome guests throughout the year, each season offering its own attractions. In June, the river is at its highest, providing the opportunity to navigate through the flooded forests in canoes or motorboats. 

In October the scenery is totally transformed as the rivers reach their lowest levels. During the dry months, beautiful beaches emerge along the riverbanks. 

The warmest months are typically from August to October, while the rainiest period is from January to April. However, heat, sunshine, and rain are present every month.

Yes, it is. However, before taking a dip, we recommend checking with your guide, who will provide up-to-date information on local conditions.

Yes, the rainforest is teeming with wildlife and birds.

It’s more common to spot animals that are active during the day, such as monkeys, sloths, pink dolphins, toucans, parrots, and caimans.

Nocturnal animals like anteaters, jaguars, and other felines are more challenging to encounter as they hide in the dense Amazon jungle. But everything is possible.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction in the Amazon is its unparalleled biodiversity and natural beauty. The Amazon rainforest is home to countless species of plants, animals, and birds, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

The winding rivers, diverse ecosystems, and lush landscapes make the Amazon a paradise for wildlife observation and nature exploration.

Furthermore, the indigenous culture and riverine communities add a fascinating element to the experience in the region.

Traditional rituals, local cuisine, and cultural practices provide a rich and authentic glimpse into life in the Amazon.


A driver will pick up travelers either at the airport or any address in Manaus. 

The first part of the journey is by car, crossing the Rio Negro bridge, and the last part is by speedboat, navigating through lakes and igarapés before reaching Tucan Amazon Lodge. 

The transfer is private, included in the package, and operates from 6 am to 3 pm. Please provide the pickup time and address at least 3 days in advance. 

Duration: approximately 2 hours.

No, but we will pick up the traveler at Manaus airport from 6 am onwards. Depending on your flight schedule, we recommend booking a hotel in the city.

It depends on the purpose of your stay. If you’re looking for a budget hotel just to wait for the transfer to Tucan Amazon Lodge, we suggest the Ibis Manaus Aeroporto.

If you want to enjoy the beach with a fantastic view of the Rio Negro in an upscale area of the city, the Tropical Executive Hotel is perfect.

If you prefer staying in the city center, we recommend a hotel near the Amazon Theatre, where there’s a great square for an evening stroll. In this area, there are hotels of various categories.

Initially, no. Departing from Manaus, the “Meeting of the Waters” (where the Rio Negro meets the Solimões River) is located downstream on the Rio Negro.

To reach Tucan Amazon Lodge, you need to travel upstream on the Rio Negro, so we do not pass by the Meeting of the Waters during the transfer.

We offer an alternative river transfer by speedboat from the CEASA port in Manaus.

We make a stop at the famous “Meeting of the Waters,” where the Rio Negro river meets the Solimões river. This transfer also includes other interesting stops and lunch at a floating restaurant.

Duration: 5 to 6 hours, including lunch. You can choose this option in the booking form.

Another alternative to see the “Meeting of the Waters” is by asking your driver to take you to the port on the way back to Manaus the last day after checkout, where several boats offer this tour.


The jungle programs at Tucan Amazon Lodge are comprehensive and include: 

  • Private transfer from Manaus to Tucan Amazon Lodge, round trip 
  • Accommodation in a rustic chalet with a private bathroom and air conditioning;
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Water, juice, coffee/tea are included. Other beverages are not included; 
  • Daily excursions (refer to the description of each jungle program); 
  • Bilingual guide.

Through our booking form, you can easily calculate the price by filling in the four required fields. This way, you will obtain the total amount and a breakdown for each guest.

It is also possible to choose optional excursions, and the corresponding amount will be included in the overall jungle program cost. If you have any questions, for more information, please feel free to contact us at

We have 13 rustic chalets with private bathrooms and air conditioning (please note that the shower water temperature is not hot). There are two bed configurations in the cabins:

1. One double bed and one single bed for three people.
2. One double bed and two single beds for four people.
Total capacity: 43 guests.

The activities are outlined in the description of each package. Please note that the itinerary is quite flexible. By discussing with your guide, one activity can be exchanged for another.

We also offer several optional excursions – see more information

Three daily meals are included in the packages, and Tucan serves regional Amazonian cuisine featuring dishes made from fish, meat, chicken, and tropical fruits.

We have options for vegans and vegetarians. If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We recommend packing light and comfortable clothing, a hat, swimwear, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a raincoat. For jungle walks, it’s advisable to bring long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sturdy footwear.

The recommendations are similar to those for adults. Pack light and waterproof clothing, longsleeved shirts, hiking shoes, a backpack, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a camera for capturing memorable moments.

The electricity is 110v, but power outages are common. We have Wi-Fi in the restaurant area, but the connection may be unstable. Cell phone signal is weak or nonexistent. The lodge’s rural phone can be used if needed.

We recommend disconnecting and enjoying nature.

Yes, the housekeeping and cooking services are managed by Cecília, who has been living with Flávio at the lodge for over 25 years.

Flávio organizes the boat trips and transfers. Both of them have extensive experience in ecotourism and are very familiar with the region.

Flávio and Cecilia only speak Portuguese. That’s why we always include bilingual guides who speak English or Spanish for guests who may not be fluent in the hosts’ language. We can also hire guides speaking French or German if needed so you can receive all the information in your language. 

No, sales are only with complete jungle programs to offer the best experience to guests.

Yes, we offer our guests an optional 2-3 hour tour to an indigenous tribe in the heart of the Amazon. You’ll gain insight into their unique culture as you witness an enchanting traditional ritual dance. Engage with the community through hands-on experiences and learn about their sustainable practices such as hunting, fishing, and traditional agriculture. This brief yet enriching experience provides a glimpse into the tribe’s distinctive lifestyle, creating lasting memories of the cultural diversity in the Amazon.

This tour is recommended for all our guests and can be booked on our booking page.

The Amazon region is endemic for yellow fever; therefore, tourists should be vaccinated against this disease at least 10 days before the trip.

No, the location of our jungle lodge is on a promontory by the lake, where there is typically a pleasant breeze that keeps mosquitoes away. Therefore, normally there are very few mosquitoes at Tucan Amazon Lodge.

The risk exists, but the threat of malaria is low in the Rio Negro basin due to the low pH of the water, which hinders the reproduction of the malaria mosquito.

Therefore, the Rio Negro basin is the best area for ecological tourism starting form Manaus.

Therefore, the Rio Negro basin is the best area for ecological tourism in the state of Amazonas, starting from Manaus.


Yes, there is a 50% discount for children up to 12 years old.

There are also discounts for larger groups of over 8 people, travel agencies, and tour operators. Please contact us for a quote and further information.

Inside Brazil:
– PIX and Bradesco bank deposit

Outside Brazil:
– Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay via Stripe
– PayPal
– SWIFT transfer to Brazilian bank
– Wise

The total payment is divided into two parts:

  1. The first instalment is required to confirm your reservation and should be made within 3 days after receiving the reservation confirmation email.
  2. The remaining payment can be made during check-in at Tucan Amazon Lodge and should be done via cash or by card at the reception.
  • Cancellation more than 30 days before the arrival date: 90% refund
  • Cancellation between 30 and 5 days before the arrival date: 50% refund
  • Cancellation less than 5 days before the arrival date: no refund.

Refund policy is based on the first part of the payment you have paid for confirming your booking.

We do not refund PayPal, Stripe or other transfer fees. Check the information for your travel insurance to see if cancellation provides any rights.