Sport Fishing in the Amazon

black piranha

Enjoy an exhilarating sport fishing experience in the vast and biodiverse waters of the Amazon. At Tucan Amazon Lodge, we offer tailored fishing packages for those interested in exploring the rich angling opportunities this iconic river has to offer.

Exploring Sport Fishing in the Amazon

The Amazon Basin is renowned worldwide as one of the premier destinations for sport fishing. The region surrounding Manaus, situated in the heart of the Amazon, boasts an incredible diversity of fish species, making it a paradise for anglers.

With its labyrinth of rivers, tributaries, and oxbow lakes, the Amazon offers a variety of habitats for fish to thrive. From the powerful peacock bass to the elusive arapaima, anglers can target a wide range of sought-after species.

The Amazon River is home to an estimated 3000 fish species, representing approximately one-third of the world’s freshwater fish diversity. This staggering number highlights the incredible richness of the Amazon’s aquatic ecosystems.

Organizing Your Fishing Adventure

At Tucan Amazon Lodge, we offer tailored fishing experiences for those interested in trying their hand at sport fishing in the Amazon. While we provide complete fishing programs, our focus is on providing a fun and enjoyable experience for guests who want to explore this unique activity.

sport fishing in the amazon
Sport fishing in the Amazon – Peacock bass

Our fishing excursions can be combined with other activities at the lodge, allowing families to enjoy their time together while the avid angler pursues their passion. Whether it’s joining local fishermen to learn traditional fishing techniques or casting a line from the comfort of our boats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

After a successful day on the water, guests can savour a delicious lunch either at our lodge restaurant or prepared riverside, perhaps with freshly grilled fish. While we provide basic fishing equipment, enthusiasts may prefer to bring their own gear for a more personalized experience.

Join us during the prime season for sport fishing in the Amazon from September to December and create lasting memories with Tucan Amazon Lodge.